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Our mission is to transform the way that marketing messages are created and consumed online. We will share 50% of our company with influencers who help us achieve this.

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Joe Pack Joe Pack

Traditional advertising sucks* *Don’t take our word for it - 90% of students use ad blockers.

Hi I’m Joe, CEO and co-founder of Unfake.

We all want to know about great new products and services. But let’s be honest, not many people (apart from the ad industry) really likes online ads. That’s because they’re unsolicited sales pitches: fake advice.

Authenticity and candour are much more effective. Messages that are unfake.

Our heroes are the content creators that engage, inspire and entertain us every day on social and mobile platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Vine, Snapchat and Twitter.

We want to support them do what they do best. And we’re doing this by connecting them with brands they’ll feel confident recommending.

How it works.

Our technology connects people with a message to people with an online audience.

How Unfake Works How Unfake Works

A better way for all.

Marketers and business managers want to get their message in front of potential customers. Customers want to learn about interesting new stuff. Social influencers have an audience that trusts them – they’d like to earn a living from their creativity, but would prefer not to sell out.

Through our platform each can get what they want.

Rather than marketers going through a social media agency (or create advertising that gets blocked), they can now take advantage of our platform.

Unfake quickly connects you to a breadth of social influencers that would otherwise take weeks of research. We replace a labour-intensive process in a few clicks. All communication and billing takes place through the platform and we simply charge a fee.

Influencers only take on jobs they believe in, and retain editorial control. A collaborative sign-off process means that everyone is happy before it goes live. We collate data to show Return On Investment and help improve future campaigns.

The web's creative content heroes.

We aim to work with the global community of online influencers. We see these social media superstars as collaborative partners.

That’s why 50% of our startup will be allocated as share options to influencers who support our mission. (final terms are yet to be agreed).

We’re focused on new video platforms like Snapchat, as well as YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. And we’ve got particular interest in music and entertainment influencers. Get in touch!

Dan Evans

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We’re building our Beta Site, so if you would like to be considered as an infuencer / content creator, or marketer then express your interest below.


Do you have any other social platforms?Please include platform names, and usernames.

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Who is behind Unfake?

The founders of Unfake are Joe Pack, Tim Slack, Dan Kirby and Rick Grundy.

Joe & Tim are 25 and have been running a social advertising and influencer marketing business for the last 3.5 years. Clients include Patagonia, The North Face and Bauer Media. Joe is running Unfake full-time.

Dan & Rick are 42 and co-founded Techdept, a 12 year old business which acts as a “tech special ops team” for large companies like Microsoft, NBC Universal and World Wildlife Fund. Techdept creates its own digital products and invests in disruptive startups like Unfake.

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